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Insight Museum Maps: New York City

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Insight Museum Map: New York City

Insight Museum Map: New York City

Heather Klein

The Bottom Line

If you're looking for a helpful map to bring along while you explore New York City, this FlexiMap from Insight Travel Guides might be the perfect one. Laminated and easily to fold, this map will let you navigate the city like a resident.


  • Perfect to bring with you
  • Folds easily
  • Durable


  • Marker won't wipe off the map


  • Laminated folding map
  • Published by Langenscheidt Publishers
  • ISBN: 981234974X

Guide Review - Insight Museum Maps: New York City

While information about specific attractions is limited to less than 20 museums, this map is great for bringing with you while you explore New York City. Museums and attractions throughout the five boroughs (and even New Jersey) are marked and indexed on this map. It folds easily and conveniently and the lamination ensures that even after a week on the streets of New York City, your map will remain intact. When folded up, the subway map on the back is easy to reference. Many major hotels are marked on the map as well. Don't use a permanent marker on the map hoping you'll be able to circle each days activities -- unless you don't mind that you can't erase them. Combined with a guidebook that you can leave in your hotel room, this map is a great way to ensure you can find your way around the city easily. I always send guests who are visiting me in NYC out the door with a map, and this is an excellent one to use.

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