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Guidebook Review: Insight Guides: New York City

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Insight Guides: New York City Guidebook

Insight Guides: New York City

Heather Klein

The Bottom Line

If you're looking for a guidebook full of photographs and historical background, Insight Guide: New York City is a great choice for both armchair travelers and those preparing to visit NYC.

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  • Lots of great photographs
  • Helpful street and subway maps
  • Well written historical background


  • Too big to carry around with you
  • Limited info about restaurants, hotels, etc.


  • Paperback, 310 pages
  • Published by Langenscheidt Publishers
  • ISBN: 1585732958

Guide Review - Guidebook Review: Insight Guides: New York City

"Insight Guides: New York City" provide fascinating photographs of New York City that will appeal to both the armchair traveler and those hoping to come to New York City with a good understanding of New York City's history and culture. Maps are plentiful throughout the book, making it easy to visualize the layout and organization of various neighborhoods and attractions. The "Travel Tips" section at the back is packed with useful information on visas, hotels, restaurants, nightlife, but the bulk of the book offers a wealth of history and images that bring the reader to New York City from wherever they are. Perfect plane reading en route to NYC, but you'd be better served while in the city with something more detail oriented and pragmatic.

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