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Roseland Ballroom: Music Venue Review

About.com Rating 3.5 Star Rating


Roseland Ballroom Concert Venue

239 West 52nd Street

Heather Klein

The Bottom Line

Roseland Ballroom offers an intimate venue to see top acts -- from Bob Dylan and Steely Dan to White Stripes and the Rolling Stones.


  • Smaller venue for big acts
  • You can push to the front
  • Quality performers


  • Limited seating
  • Pricey drinks


  • Roseland Ballroom is located at 239 West 52nd Street.
  • Closest subway to Roseland Ballroom: A/C/E to 50th Street
  • Roseland Ballroom Cross Streets: 8th Avenue and Broadway
  • Roseland Ballroom Phone: 212-247-0200
  • Roseland Ballroom Cover Charge: $20-125 depending on act
  • Avoid hefty ticketmaster surcharges by getting tickets at Irving Plaza (17 Irving Place at 15th St).

Guide Review - Roseland Ballroom: Music Venue Review

This primarily standing-room only venue hosts some top acts in one of New York City's more intimate venues (total capacity approx 3,500). Those early enough(or bold enough to push) can position themselves within a few yards of the stage to experience the music of bands from Steely Dan and the Stones to the White Stripes and Bob Dylan. Mezzanine and floor sections are available. Typically, there tickets are general admission for one area or the other. While smoking isn't permitted in any NYC buildings, they seemed pretty laid back about the policy at Roseland recently -- downstairs people were smoking up a storm. Bartenders with little charm serve wine($6), beer($5-6) and mixed drinks($7 for premium brands) as well as water and soda.

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