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Court Square Diner

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Court Square Diner

45-30 23rd Street, Long Island City, Queens

Heather Klein

The Bottom Line

Long Island City's Court Square Diner may just be the perfect diner. Court Square Diner is open 24-hours, has free delivery and serves excellent food at reasonable prices.


  • Delicious food
  • Fast, friendly service
  • Open 24-hours


  • It's in Queens


  • Court Square Diner is located at 717 9th Avenue
  • Closest subway to Court Square Diner: 7 to Court House Square, E, V, G to 23/Ely
  • Court Square Diner Cross Street: Jackson Avenue
  • Cash & Credit Cards accepted.
  • Free Delivery.
  • Phone: 718-392-1222

Guide Review - Court Square Diner

Despite the array of ethnic and fine cuisine in New York City, there are times when you want a really great diner. Located in Long Island City, Queens, Court Square Diner is practically underneath the Court House Square 7 station (three stops from Grand Central). The menu is the typical tome that makes diners both inviting and occassionally overwhelming -- from eggs with toast and homefries($3.45) and pancakes($3.75) to gyros sandwiches($4.75) and souvlaki platters($7.95), the menu can accommodate your every urge at any hour. My personal favorite is a grilled cheese with tomato($3.75) that is buttery and cheese melted perfectly, accompanied by an order of crisp onion rings($2.75). The grilled chicken club with fries($7.45) is also standout.

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