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A Warm Welcome to New York City?

It's possible with a free guided tour from Big Apple Greeters


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To an outsider, New York City can sometimes seem like a cold, heartless place--but Big Apple Greeters seeks to change that, no matter what month of the year you visit New York City. Big Apple Greeters offers free, personalized tours of New York City led by a volunteer Greeter. There are over 400 active volunteer Greeters who are available to give you insider tips and helpful advice to make your visit to New York City the best that it can be.

Tours are available to private groups of 2 - 6 people, generally a family or a small group of friends traveling together. Tours last from 2 - 4 hours and on top of getting a free tour of New York City, each member of the group will get a MetroCard "Fun Pass" which gives you unlimited access to New York City's subway and bus system for the day. If you're intimidated by the New York City subway, your Greeter will be happy to introduce you and teach you how to get around on the most extensive public transportation system in the United States.

Demand for Greeters often exceeds the available resources, so make your reservation as far in advance as possible -- it is recommended that you contact Big Apple Greeters to request a tour, complete this request form which can be submitted online, mailed or faxed to Big Apple Greeters.

Big Apple Greeter Tips

  • During Winter months, it is easiest to get a Big Apple Greeter, because demand is lower.
  • Tipping is not permitted.
  • Tours happen rain or shine.
  • Big Apple Greeters are volunteer New Yorkers who want to share their insight with visitors.
  • Groups should consist of 2 - 6 people: either a family or a group of friends.
  • Greeters are matched with groups based on location, languages, and interests.
  • Greeters are available in all five boroughs of New York City.
  • If you have additional questions, call (212) 669-8159 or email information@bigapplegreeter.org.
  • Big Apple Greeter services are not available to residents of New York.

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