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Gourmet Tour of Bleecker Street

Overview of Bleecker Street in Greenwich Village


Rocco's Pastry & Espresso Bar

Rocco's Pastry & Espresso Bar

Heather Klein
New York City is certainly well known for its food. Delicacies of every variety can be found throughout the city, from dim sum in Chinatown to collard greens in Harlem. Today, we'll take a gourmet tour of Bleecker Street -- home to a number of great shops, cafes and restaurants. After reading this, you can impress your friends and family as you show them some of the finest foods offered in the West Village.

Today's tour will take us to a fabulous pastry shop, an award winning cheese shop, a great Italian bakery, a gourmet grocery and a restaurant that moonlights as a retail fish monger.

To begin our tour of Bleecker Street, first you've got to get there. The best way to get to Bleecker Street is to take the subway to the West 4th Station. The 6th Avenue F or V trains and the 8th Avenue A, C, E trains stop at this station. Take the West 3rd/6th Avenue exit and head south as you come out of the station. Bear right as the sidewalk curves and you will come to the corner of Carmine and Bleecker Street. Take a right onto Bleecker, and here we begin our tour.

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