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New York City Guide: One Day In New York

Make the most of a single day in New York City with this suggested itinerary.


The Empire State Building A daytime view
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So, you have just one day in New York City and you want to know how to get the most of New York City in the least amount of time? I've put together a great itinerary for one day in New York City that will give you a chance to get a big bite out of the Big Apple in just one day. (And then you can start planning your return visit!)

Making the most of a single day in New York City will require a few things. First, be ready for an action filled day and wear good walking shoes. You'll be venturing all over the island of Manhattan, and the best way to do that is with a MetroCard. I'd also recommend you pick up a New York City street map -- it just makes getting around a little easier.

One Day In New York City Itinerary:

Breakfast: H & H Bagels
Morning: Metropolitan Museum of Art or American Museum of Natural History and walk through Central Park
Bus Tour: Ride the M1 Bus down Fifth Avenue
Lunch: Lombardi's Coal Oven Pizza
Afternoon: Greenwich Village
Dinner: Chinese in Chinatown or Lower East Side Delicatessen
Night: View New York City from the top of the Empire State Building
Night Cap: A Drink at New York City's Oldest Continually Operating Bar & Restaurant

Details and Directions: Breakfast through Lunch and Afternoon through Night Cap

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