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A New York City Afternoon

Spend your afternoon wandering around Greenwich Village and see NYC from above.


Katz's Delicatessen

205 E Houston St.

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Now that you're full, it's time to walk off some of that pizza. One of my favorite neighborhoods for wandering is Greenwich Village. It feels like a bit of Europe with a trendy twist. Off of many of the main streets, you can find yourself on tree lined blocks with beautiful houses -- and it's hard not to notice how surprisingly peaceful it is, despite the excitement just a few blocks away. Having your map (or printing one out of Greenwich Village will free you up to enjoy your strolling and to peek around interesting corners. For some other ideas of noteworthy finds in the area, see my Gourmet Tour of Greenwich Village and the Original Greenwich Village Food and Culture Walking Tour.
Getting There: From Lombardi's, walk 2 blocks north on Mott Street (Prince St. will be the first street you cross) and take a left onto East Houston. You'll walk about 2 blocks and you'll see the Subway for the B, D, F, V (orange line). Take the first uptown train one stop to West 4th Street.

The options available for dinner in New York City are virtually endless. Home to some of the world's finest restaurants, as well as many more affordable choices, it's hard to suggest just one place to have dinner, so I won't. Instead, you can choose from among these suggestions, or even branch out on your own to find something entirely different.

Chinatown: Chinese food in New York City is famously delicious, and surprisingly affordable. Two of my favorite Chinese restaurants are Wo Hop (17 Mott St., 212-267-2536)(dinner for 2, $30) and Oriental Garden (14 Elizabeth St., 212-619-0085) (dinner for 2, $40). Wo Hop serves classic Chinese-American cuisine from lo mein to chop suey, in a plain below street level location (there's a second Wo Hop on the same block -- be sure to go to #17, whose entrance is down a flight of stairs). Oriental Garden focuses on fresh Chinese seafood, so fresh, it's still swimming in tanks when you arrive. You can also check out my list of Recommended Chinatown Restaurants for some other ideas.
Getting There: From the West 4th Street Subway, take the B or D downtown 2 stops to the Grand Street Station. Exit on Grand Street and walk west, crossing Bowery. If you're heading to Oriental Garden, take a left onto Elizabeth Street and walk two blocks. If you're heading to Oriental Garden, take a left onto Mott Street (one street past Elizabeth) and walk two blocks.

Delicatessen: Want to relive the orgasm scene in When Harry Met Sally? You'll certainly recognize many of the famous patrons pictured on the walls of Katz's (205 East Houston St., 212-254-2246) where you can experience a true taste of New York City with a corned beef (or pastrami) on rye, Dr. Brown's soda and a knish. They also have great hot dogs. These sandwiches don't come cheap ($10.50), but they are large and delicious.
Getting There: From the West 4th Street Subway, take the F or V downtown 2 stops to the 2nd Avenue station. If you exit at the front of the train onto 1st Avenue, you will cross Houston and walk East about 3 blocks to Katz's.

Now that you've spent the day running around the city, it's time to see it all from above. The view from the top of the Empire State Building at night is particularly exciting. You should consider purchasing your tickets online, to save time waiting to go up the elevator -- it's set up so there is one line for buying tickets and then a second line for waiting to take the elevator up and you can skip the first line by printing your tickets yourself. Audio tours ($6) are available as well, but I think the view speaks for itself.
Getting There: From the recommended restaurants above, you can take the B, D, F, or V train uptown to 34th Street. Walk one block east to 5th Avenue and take a left. The entrance to the Empire State Building is on 5th Avenue between 33rd & 34th Streets. (Regardless of where you had dinner, the Empire State Building is easily accessible: you can take the 1, 2, 3 or 9 (Seventh Avenue Lines), A, C or E (Eighth Avenue Subway) to 34th Street/Penn Station or the N, R or Path to 34th Street/Avenue of the Americas.)

Night Cap:
New York has unparalleled nightlife offerings, and it would be impossible to suggest something that would satisfy everyone from the club goer to the cigar smoker, but I'll make one final suggestion: check out Pete's Tavern (129 E. 18th St., 212-473-7676), the longest continually operating bar & restaurant in New York City (since 1864) and also featured in many movies and television programs.

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