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Green Bo: Chinatown Shanghai Restaurant

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Nice Green Bo Shanghai Restaurant

Nice Green Bo Shanghai Restaurant

Heather Cross

The Bottom Line

Green Bo Restaurant is often regarded as one of New York City's best choices in Chinatown and with good reason -- Green Bo offers large portions of delicious Shanghai dishes, including scallion pancake, soup dumplings, and yellow fish, at very affordable prices.


  • Great soup dumplings
  • Open late
  • Fast, efficient service
  • Affordable, freshly prepared food


  • Spartan decor
  • Not a place to linger
  • Popular choice, can be crowded


  • Green Bo Restaurant is located at 66 Bayard (Chinatown Map)
  • Closest subway to Green Bo Restaurant: 6, N/R/W to Canal Street
  • Green Bo Restaurant Cross Streets: Mott & Elizabeth
  • Green Bo Restaurant Phone: 212-625-2359
  • Green Bo Restaurant Payment: Cash only
  • Green Bo Restaurant Prices: $3-14 for most entrees

Guide Review - Green Bo: Chinatown Shanghai Restaurant

After a short wait for a seat, hot tea arrived quickly and my companions each ordered a typical Chinese beer, Tsing Tao($4). We ordered a scallion pancake($1.50) and steamed crab and pork dumplings($6.25) for appetizers -- though they actually arrived with the other food. The scallion pancakes were the typical, greasy rendition. Personally, I'd skip them in favor of the soup dumplings which had a flavorful, if slightly oily, filling.

On guidance from other diners, we stuck with the Shanghai dishes on the menu. We ordered stewed pork ball casserole($10.95), pork rice cake($4.50) and yellow fish with dried seaweed($12.95). The pork ball casserole, often called Lions Head, featured eight large, tender, cinnamon-scented pork meatballs served atop crisp bok choy. Yellow fish with dried seaweed consisted of a huge pile of "fish-sticks" -- moist, flaky fish encased in a greaseless beer batter-like coating with a small pile of salt for dipping. Discs of rice cake, small pieces of pork and bright greens created an addictive combination of saltiness and chewiness. Fearing that we had ordered far too much meat, we added an order of sauteed spinach($6.25) to our meal, which was bright green, loaded with chunks of garlic and perfectly prepared.

Despite plenty of free seats when we left, we were given a clear signal to leave when the check was brought and all our dishes were removed from our table. We didn't mind though, as the Chinatown Ice Cream Factory is just across the street.

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 2 out of 5
poor servise, Member HAOWe

We went to the restaurant based on a friend's recommendation, the food was slightly better than many others in Chinatown NYC, the servise was good intially when you just sit down. However, the service got poorer and poorer as each ten minutes past by, the waiter started to push you out gradually because you are eating too slowly or didn't order as much as they woule like, if you are too slow, they will take your food while your chopsticke are still picking them out from the plate; further, they will take your tea pot away, delivering the message,"" you may leave NOW'. While I was paying at the front desk, there were three servants looking at my wallet, everyone stared at how much the tip was, I gave 15% and left the restaurant. After we all left the place, without me knowing, someone from the restaurant grabbed one of my guests asking for more money. HOW EMBASSESSED!! HOW RUDE!! I would not recommend someone to enjoy the food but right after the meal, they were so rude and ask your guests for more tips, especially the service was so poor after 25 mins and make you so embaressed in front of your friends. The experience was terrible. Go somewhere else.

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