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Great N. Y. Noodletown: Restaurant Review

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NY Noodletown

NY Noodletown

Heather Cross

The Bottom Line

Great N. Y. Noodletown is a popular choice for delicious Chinatown dining in a spartan setting. Great N. Y. Noodletown serves up excellent salt-baked dishes, soups, congee and noodles of all varieties.


  • Lots of options
  • Open late
  • Fast, efficient service
  • Affordable Chinatown cuisine


  • No decor
  • No alcohol
  • Cold, quick service


  • Great N. Y. Noodletown is located at 28 1/2 Bowery at Bayard (Chinatown Map)
  • Closest subway to Great N. Y. Noodletown: F to East Broadway, B/D to Grand St.
  • Great N. Y. Noodletown Cross Street: Bayard
  • Great N. Y. Noodletown Phone: 212-349-0923
  • Great N. Y. Noodletown Payment: Cash only
  • Great N. Y. Noodletown Prices: $3-12 for most entrees

Guide Review - Great N. Y. Noodletown: Restaurant Review

Folks visit Great N.Y. Noodletown for everything from roast suckling pig($10.95) and salt baked soft shell crabs($15) to shrimp dumplings in soup($3.75) and pork and preserved egg congee($3). Dishes are well suited for sharing so you can enjoy a variety of their tasty offerings.

Upon sitting down, our waiter immediately brought us hot tea and we were forced to send him away several times before we were able to decide what to order off the extensive menu. We started our meal with chicken and noodle soup($3.50), the portion of juicy sliced chicken, rich broth and fresh egg noodles was large enough for 4 to easily share or could be a complete meal for one. Chinese broccoli($3) was served topped with oyster sauce and steamed to perfection -- crisp and bright green pieces were crunchy and fresh tasting. The roast suckling pig is served at room temperature, but the crisp skin and juicy meat make it easy to forget you wish it was warmer. Salt baked shrimp($11.95) is a bit of a misnomer, as they are fried (as is everything "salt baked"), but the shrimp were delicious -- flavorful and well suited to the thin, salty crust that was surprisingly not greasy. Make sure to order rice -- unless a dish specifically says it comes with rice, it does not. Our bill came to just $30 and we had sufficient leftovers that the meal could have easily served 3 -- and it's possible to dine at Noodletown even more cheaply if you focus on soups and noodle dishes.

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