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CLOSED: Sun Hop Shing Tea House: Restaurant Review

About.com Rating 4 Star Rating


Sun Hop Shing Tea House: Chinatown Dim Sum Restaurant

Sun Hop Shing Tea House: Chinatown Dim Sum Restaurant

Heather Cross

The Bottom Line

Sun Hop Shing Tea House, a dim sum restaurant in Chinatown serves Hong Kong style dim sum on two carts roving through the tiny restaurant. As long as you don't mind being seated at a table with strangers, Sun Hop Shing Tea House offers an intimate, authentic dim sum experience in Manhattan's Chinatown that is downright cheap.


  • Fun experience
  • Opportunity to explore new foods
  • Ridiculously cheap


  • Communal seating
  • Cash only
  • Little English spoken


  • Sun Hop Shing Tea House is located at 21 Mott Street in Chinatown (Chinatown Map)
  • Closest subway to Sun Hop Shing Tea House: F to East Broadway; 6 to Canal Street
  • Sun Hop Shing Tea House Cross Street: Mosco Street/Chatham Square
  • Sun Hop Shing Tea House Phone: 212-267-2729
  • Sun Hop Shing Tea House Payment: Cash Only

Guide Review - CLOSED: Sun Hop Shing Tea House: Restaurant Review

New York City's Chinatown has no shortage of dim sum restaurants, which means there are dim sum options in every budget and atmosphere. Sun Hop Shing Tea House is among the simpler and cheapest dim sum restaurants around. Across the street, other dim sum restaurants have a system for taking names of waiting guests, but here you may wait a few minutes in the front of the restaurant, which has a bustling take-out service, before being sat at one of the round, communal tables. The waitress will bring you tea (I recommend the jasmine) and in just a few minutes, a cart will roll by covered with a variety of dim sum options. The advantage of a small dim sum place like Sun Hop Shing Tea House is that they don't tend to run out of the things you want to try before the cart arrives at your table and everything is still nice and hot when it's served. A minimum of English is spoken here, but you can easily point out the selections you're interested in trying. Everything we tried was delicious: stuffed green peppers, pork shiu mei, shrimp rice rolls, and steamed dumplings. If there's something on the menu that appeals to you that you don't see circulating around, the waitress will be happy to get it for you. At the end of your meal, the waitress will count up the empty plates before you and hand you your bill. Three of us ate for about an hour and the total was a ridiculous $15 -- it almost seemed wrong that such tasty food was so cheap, but we're not complaining.

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