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CLOSED: Sweet-n-Tart Restaurant: Restaurant Review

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Sweet 'n Tart Restaurant - Chinatown Dim

Sweet 'n Tart Restaurant - Chinatown Dim Sum Restaurant

Heather Cross

The Bottom Line

Sweet-n-Tart Restaurant has CLOSED.
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  • Great variety of delicious dim sum
  • Clean, friendly environment
  • Able to accommodate vegetarians and other dietary restrictions


  • No carts
  • More expensive than other options


  • Sweet-n-Tart Restaurant is located at 20 Mott Street in Chinatown (Chinatown Map).
  • Closest subway to Sweet-n-Tart Restaurant: F to East Broadway; 6 to Canal Street
  • Sweet-n-Tart Restaurant Cross Street: Mosco Street/Chatham Square

Guide Review - CLOSED: Sweet-n-Tart Restaurant: Restaurant Review

While Sweet-n-Tart Restaurant doesn't serve dim sum on Hong Kong style carts circulating around the restaurant, it is still an outstanding choice for experiencing dim sum in Chinatown. The menu offers an amazingly extensive array of choices and everything is prepared to order, ensuring that you get fresh, hot delicious dim sum, regardless of when you come to the restaurant. While dim sum is typically served as breakfast or lunch, at Sweet-n-Tart Restaurant you can get dim sum throughout the day. There are three floors at the 20 Mott Street location -- the basement best avoided and those in the know always head directly for the top floor, where the service and decor are superior. When we first arrived, the waiter brought around buns with a sweet custard filling -- they were delicious. Another advantage of a restaurant like Sweet-n-Tart is the ability to accommodate dietary restrictions. We sampled a variety of delicious options that would appeal to vegetarians and guests who only eat fish, including steamed seafood and asparagus dumplings, scallion pancakes, and fried dough rice rolls. Other highlights included soup dumplings, shui mei, fried shrimp with mango, and fried shrimp with almond, all of which were outstanding. The four of us spent about $50, including a generous tip, and were completely stuffed when we left -- though next time we'll save room for some ice cream or bubble tea.

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