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Things You Didn't Know You Could Do in NYC

Surprise yourself with some great things to do in New York City


Everyone knows about New York City's Most Popular Attractions, but here we've brought together some activities you might not think about doing on your NYC vacation.

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1. Fly on a Trapeze

Flying on a Trapeze
Photo by Carol Haynes, used with permission of TSNY.
Looking for something thrilling to do while you visit New York City? For over ten years, Trapeze School New York has been teaching people how to fly on the trapeze. Their beginner classes have no per-requisites, last two hours and cost $50-70, plus one-time $22 registration fee. From April-October, their outdoor location on the Hudson River offers a spectacular setting for the experience, but they also have an indoor location that is open year-round.

2. See The Sights from a Jet Ski

Jetty Jumpers, based in Sheepshead Bay, Brooklyn offers 1-3 hour jet ski tours of New York City. You'll need to spring for the three-hour tour if you want to make it all the way over to Manhattan on your jet ski, but if you just want to cruise by some of Brooklyn's beaches, the shorter tour should satisfy you.

3. Go Horseback Riding

You can explore Prospect Park on horseback! Kensington Stables offers both horseback riding lessons and trail rides in Prospect Park year-round, weather permitting.

4. Learn to Surf

Locals Surf School
Photo courtesy of Locals Surf School
Rockaway Beach is a popular destination for East Coast surfers, but even if you've never surfed, there are plenty of folks happy to teach you how at Rockaway Beach. Locals Surf School offers two-hour group lessons starting at $80, including all the gear you need, Frank from Rockaway Beach also offers surfing lessons.

5. Make Wine

Bottling at Brooklyn Winery
Photo by Heather Cross, licensed to About.com
Making wine might not be the first thing you think of when you visit New York City, but New York City is actually home to two different urban wineries! City Winery offers a variety of programs where you can make your own wine. To take full advantage of these packages, you'll need to come to the winery several times, so it's a good choice if you travel to NYC often or live nearby. At Brooklyn Winery, you can tour their 8,000 square foot winery or book a private blending session where you can play winemaker for a day.

6. Get Kissed by a Sea Lion

Temporarily closed due to damage from Hurricane Sandy.Sign up for a Sea Lion Encounter at the New York Aquarium, and you'll have the chance to get to get up close and personal with the Sea Lions after the show. After a short orientation, participants will each get a chance to pose for a photo and get a kiss from a sea lion. Sea Lion Encounters cost $20 and are offered after Sea Lion Celebration shows on weekends from April-June, daily from July through Labor Day, and on weekends after Labor Day until the Aquatheater closes for the winter. Participants must be at least 5 years old, and those 5-7 must be held by their parents/caregivers during any animal interaction.

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