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Irish Pubs in New York City

New York City is home to many great Irish pubs


Are you looking for an Irish Pub in New York City? Check out our list of Irish Pubs in New York City whether you're looking for a pint or somewhere to celebrate St. Patrick's Day in New York City.

1. McSorley's Old Ale House

Oldest Irish pub in operation (since 1854), McSorley's only serves two types of beer -- their own light and dark ales. They also have a simple menu of excellent pub food.

2. Tír Na Nóg

Just steps from Penn Station, Tír Na Nóg serves sophisticated interpretations of traditional Irish foods in a casual setting.

3. Finnegans Wake

This Upper East Side Irish Pub has been a neighborhood institution since 1972, and offers both good food and warm hospitality.

4. Dempsey's Pub

This East Village Irish pub has live Irish music on Tuesday nights, as well as darts, pool and a trivia night.

5. Doc Watson's

This Irish Pub on the Upper East Side has a pool table and full menu.

6. The Wheeltapper

Located in the Fitzpatrick Grand Central Hotel, The Wheeltapper has two bars, as well as flat-screen TVs and serves a full menu of traditional Irish dishes, as well as classic bar food.

7. The Fitz

Located in the Fitzpatrick Manhattan, The Fitz serves Irish Breakfast all day, as well as Shepherd's Pie and Guinness.

8. Paddy Reilly's Music Bar

This Murray Hill Irish Pub isn't fancy, but they have live Irish and Bluegrass music, as well open mike nights and Guinness on tap.

Details: 519 Second Ave. at 29th St.

9. PJ Carney's

Just a couple of blocks from Central Park, PJ Carney's claims to be the Friendliest Irish Pub in New York.

10. Rocky Sullivans

If you're in Red Hook, Brooklyn, Rocky Sullivans is a great Irish pub to check out -- they have Irish music, darts, movies, trivia and more. Visit their website for details and schedules.

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