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Smoker-Friendly Bars in New York City

Despite Bloomberg's efforts, there are still bars where you can smoke in NYC


Through various loopholes in the current smoking legislation, these bars will continue to offer solace to those who want to enjoy a Marlboro with their martini -- and not just on the patio. Most are cigar bars, which by definition, must have opened prior to December 31, 2001, 10% of revenue must come from the sale of tobacco products, and 60% of revenue alcohol sales. Establishments must apply for certification from the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene, who will be enforcing the new law.

If you know of any additional bars that are not here or if you see an error, please email me.

1. Circa Tabac

The only cigarette bar in Manhattan will continue to be a smoker-friendly destination. With their state-of-the-art ventilation system, you can continue to light-up your Camels, or even try one of their more exotic smokes:

32 Watts St. (Thompson St. and Sixth Ave.)
Subway: A, C, E to Canal St.; 1 to Canal St.

2. Karma

Karma offers a variety of flavored tobaccos for smoking out of their many hookahs, and also allows cigarette smoking.

51 First Ave (3rd/4th St.)
Subway: F/V to 2nd Avenue

3. Merchants East

Merchants East has a Brandy Bar and Cigar Lounge that permits smoking, but the rest of the bar/restaurant is smoke-free.

1125 First Ave. (@ 62nd St.)
Subway: 4/5/6, N/R/W to 59th St.

4. Nat Sherman

Located in the heart of midtown (just steps from the New York Public Library), the Nat Sherman store sells an extensive array of cigarettes, cigars and accessories, and also has a room for smokers.

500 5th Ave at 42nd St.
(800) 692-4427
Subway: B, D, F, Q to 42nd St.; 7 to Fifth Ave.

5. Club Macanudo

This Upper East Side cigar bar features a state-of-the-art ventilation system and lots of leather and mahogany furniture.

26 E. 63rd St. (Park & Madison Aves.)
Subway: F, 4/5/6, N/R/W to 59th St./Lexington

6. Lexington Bar and Books

This Upper East Side Bar and Lounge strictly enforces their dress code and caters primarily to neighborhood residents.

1020 Lexington Ave. (72nd & 73rd Sts.)
Subway: 6 to 68th or 77nd Street

7. Hudson Bar and Books

This West Village cigar bar claims to be the first dedicated cigar bar in New York City. They sell a variety of cigars and charge a cover if you don't make a tabacco purchase.

636 Hudson Street
Subway: A/C/E to 14th St.; L to Eighth Ave.

8. Kush Lounge

This Lower East Side hookah lounge serves up a menu of Moroccan-style small plates.

191 Chrystie Street (Stanton/Rivington)
Subway: F to 2nd Avenue

9. Velvet Cigar Lounge

Unlike the other options, the Velvet Cigar Lounge is a BYOB affair, since they don't sell food or alcohol. If you bring alcohol to drink, there is a cover charge, and if you bring your own cigars, rather than purchasing one from them, there is a cutting fee. They do not allow cigarette smoking.

80 East 7th Street
Subway: N/R to 8th Street; 6 to Astor Place

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