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New York City's 11 Best Free Landmarks and Attractions


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Gawk at Times Square for Free
Times Square Theater Billboards

Times Square Theater Billboards

Photo by Heather Cross, Licensed to About.com
Over 39 million people visit Times Square each year, some to attend the area's many Broadway shows, some to shop or dine, and all to experience the glowing lights and energy of this famed area. The best time to experience Times Square is after sunset when the glowing lights and din are at their most impressive.

In recent years they have closed off many areas to cars, giving pedestrians much greater freedom in the neighborhood. The streets can be pretty crowded, so keep an eye on your belongings and travel companions. The area is filled with chain stores and restaurants, but most have something special to offer visitors at their Times Square location -- for example Toys 'R Us has a ferris wheel inside, many interactive experiences and numerous photo ops.


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