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Gossip Girl Sites Tour with On Location Tours

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Museum of the City of New York

Museum of the City of New York

Heather Cross

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Are you addicted to Gossip Girl? Would you like to be 'spotted' at some Gossip Girl locations during your visit to New York City and shop at stores featured on Gossip Girl? On Location Tours' Gossip Girl Sites Tour covers over 40 locations used in filming Gossip Girl, on a comfortable coach bus filled with other Gossip Girl fans!

Pictures from the Gossip Girl Sites Tour

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  • Highlights over 40 'Gossip Girl' filming locations around New York City.
  • Enthusiastic, fun tour guide really knows 'Gossip Girl' trivia and facts.
  • Tour covers New York City's east side from the Upper East Side to the Lower East Side.
  • Stops feature great opportunities for photographs, as well as some shopping.
  • Strongly geared toward 'Gossip Girl fans.


  • Most locations are "drive-by" viewings -- the tour stops about six times.
  • If you're not familiar with 'Gossip Girl', it might not be much fun.


Guide Review - Gossip Girl Sites Tour with On Location Tours

When I arrived at the New York Palace Hotel just before noon to join the Gossip Girl Sites Tour, I had no trouble finding the line of folks waiting to board the bus -- several of the tour participants even donned headbands and stylish clothing perfectly suited to a Gossip Girl tour. As you would expect, the tour group was predominantly young women (& their companions), but I was surprised to discover that nearly half of those taking the tour were international tourists -- apparently Gossip Girl is quite the world-wide sensation! If you want a photo at the New York Palace Hotel, definitely get it before you board the bus, because the tour ends near Union Square, not back where it starts.

Our tour guide, Megan, was friendly and enthusiastic, and was very familiar with Gossip Girl, as well as the sites that we encountered along the way. In between seeing the sites, Megan showed us Gossip Girl clips featuring the various locations. Interestingly, many locations appear much bigger in the show than they do in real life due to the way scenes are shot.

On our way uptown, we saw St. James Church (where Nate's cousin gets married), as well as the Vera Wang and Missoni Boutiques. We drove by the Synod of Bishops Russian Church (used for shooting scenes in the school courtyard) before stopping at the Museum of the City of New York to pose for pictures on the steps, which are used as the school's front entrance in Gossip Girl.

Heading down Fifth Avenue, we saw Central Park, the exterior of the Waldorf family home and the Cooper Hewitt Museum (used for the Van der Woodson/Bass wedding), before stopping at the Metropolitan Museum of Art. The museum steps are where Blair and the girls often gather for lunch, and many tour participants enjoyed having their picture taken there.

Heading further downtown, we drove by the location used as the Archibald home and Hunter College where the Gossip Girl students took their SATs, before stopping at Dylan's Candy Bar for a short shopping break.

After seeing several midtown locations used during filming, our next stop was Henri Bendel, where we had about 20 minutes to shop and take advantage of a 20% off coupon for tour participants.

The bus took us downtown to the Lower East Side, where our final stop had us visiting four different locations (all within just a few blocks) -- Barrio Chino and Babycakes NYC which are both featured in a Thanksgiving flashback scene where Dan and Serena bump into each other (literally), as well as Tory Burch and Cafe Habana. Megan pointed out two more locations -- the Bleecker Street subway stop and Butter, before the tour concluded at Union Square.

Fans of the show will certainly enjoy the Gossip Girl Sites Tour -- it's exciting to see many of the locations in real life after seeing them on the show, and the tour guide's enthusiasm and energy make the tour fun.

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Pictures from the Gossip Girl Sites Tour

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