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Lord & Taylor Holiday Window Displays

These classic holiday windows are unveiled in late November


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Lord & Taylor Basics
39th Street at 5th Avenue

Lord & Taylor Holiday Windows
Located along Fifth Avenue, south of the New York Public Library, Lord & Taylor's holiday window displays tend to depict traditional holiday stories.

What Is Christmas Made Of? - 2011

What Is Christmas Made Of? Lord & Taylor 2011 Holiday Windows
Photo by Heather Cross, licensed to About.com
Lord & Taylor has been celebrating the holiday season by decorating their windows for passersby since 1938. This year's windows were inspired by an illustration from the 1940s that asked "What Is Christmas Made Of?" The displays feature illustrations drawn by children in response to this question, and scenes representing the kids' ideas, from sledding to seeing Santa.

My Favorite Christmas Traditions - 2008

My Favorite Christmas Treats
Lord & Taylor
This year's Lord & Taylor holiday window displays highlight popular Christmas traditions -- with animated window displays celebrating Christmas cards, Christmas treats, Christmas stories, Christmas ornaments, Christmas toys and Christmas songs.

Christmas is the Moment - 2007

Lord & Taylor 2007 Holiday Windows
Lord & Taylor's 2007 holiday windows depict scenes focused on experiencing the holiday season through each of the five senses in places around the world.
Photos: "Christmas is the Moment" Holiday Window Display

Antique Postcard Holiday Window Displays - 2006

Lord & Taylor 2006 Holiday Windows
Heather Cross
Each scene in Lord & Taylor's 2006 holiday windows features blow-ups of antique holiday postcards and staging to reflect the era in which the postcard was written.

Fairytale Holiday Window Displays - 2005

Lord & Taylor 2005 Holiday Windows
Heather Cross
Scenes from classic fairytales, including The Princess and the Pea, Rumpelstiltskin and Goldilocks and the Three Bears.

History of the United States Postal Service - 2004

Lord & Taylor 2004 Holiday Windows
Heather Cross
The Lord & Taylor holiday windows along Fifth Avenue feature scenes depicting the history of the United States Postal Service.

"Yes Virginia, There is a Santa Claus" - 2003

Lord & Taylor 2003 Holiday Windows
Dan Cross
The 2003 holiday windows recall the story made famous by the 1897 editorial "Yes Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus."

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