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Top Christmas Window Displays

Don't miss out on the holiday window decorations in these NYC stores


The Christmas season in New York City is marked by elaborate window displays created at many of the City's most famous and popular stores. These stores feature some of New York City's best Christmas window displays each holiday season. Even if you can't come to New York City for the Christmas season, you can see a picture gallery for each of these Christmas window displays.
Map: Christmas Windows Walking Tour Map

1. Macy's Christmas Window Displays

Macy's Christmas Window Display
Heather Cross
Macy's has two sets of Christmas window displays, one along 34th Street and another along Broadway. Each year, they have a series for "Miracle on 34th Street," the iconic Christmas film which takes place at Macy's, and a second set of Christmas window displays that change each year.

2. Bloomingdale's Christmas Window Displays

Bloomingdales Christmas Window Display
Dan Cross
Every year Bloomingdale's unveils Christmas window displays featuring a different theme, whether its a popular movie or a new musical release. The Bloomingdale's Christmas window displays are elegant and well worth seeing.

3. Saks Fifth Avenue Christmas Window Displays

Saks Fifth Avenue Christmas Window Display
Heather Cross
The Christmas Window displays at Saks Fifth Avenue tend to be a great choice for families with children -- they are often playful and fun to look at, with a child-friendly theme or inspiration.

4. Lord and Taylor's Christmas Window Displays

Lord and Taylor's Christmas Window Displays
Lord & Taylor
Each year, Lord and Taylor's Christmas window displays are inspired by classic themes and are full of interesting details and very little of the marketing feel of some other Christmas window displays.

5. Bergdorf Goodman's Christmas Window Displays

Closeup of Bergdorf Goodman Christmas Window on 58th Street
Dan Cross
Each window in Bergdorf Goodman's Christmas window displays features both authentic antiques and couture fashions.

6. Barney's New York Christmas Window Displays

Barneys New York Christmas Window Displays
Jenny Ross / Barneys New York
Reflecting Barney's upscale, yet stylish nature, each of their Christmas window displays depicts pop culture icons combined with high-fashion.
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