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Downtown Manhattan Attractions

Downtown Manhattan, defined as the area below 16th Street, offers visitors a wealth of attractions and sites to visit. Among the best that downtown Manhattan has to offer are Union Square Park, the New York Stock Exchange, and the Statue of Liberty.

Battery Park
Nearly 32 acres comprise the Battery Park area on the southern tip of Manhattan. The parks, gardens, fields, plazas and walkways are all open to the public. In addition the area offers great views.

Brooklyn Bridge
The Brooklyn Bridge was a record breaker when it was first completed in 1883, as it was fifty percent longer than any suspension bridge and the first steel cable suspension bridge. Today, pedestrians can enjoy a stroll across the Brooklyn Bridge in either direction.

Circle Line Downtown Cruises
Circle Line Downtown offers a variety of sightseeing boat cruises in the New York Harbor, including scenic cruises as well as speed boat rides on the "Shark" speed boat and special events for many holidays.

City Hall and City Hall Park
City Hall and City Hall Park offer visitors great opportunities for people-watching, as well as a great location near the Brooklyn Bridge.

Ground Zero/World Trade Center
Ground Zero and the World Trade Center area draw many visitors to New York City who want to learn more about the events of 9/11 or see the place that has captured the American psyche since that fateful day.

Statue of Liberty
Since 1886, the Statue of Liberty has been a beacon in the New York Harbor. Today, visitors can visit both Liberty Island and tour the interior of the Statue.

Ellis Island
Located in the New York Harbor, Ellis Island was the first stop for many immigrants arriving in New York City. Today, Ellis Island and the Ellis Island Immigration Museum offer visitors a fascinating journey into America's immigrant history.

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