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Driving and Parking in New York City

New York City cannot be called "car-friendly" but if you're planning on driving into Manhattan, these directions, driving rules, maps and parking locations can make things a little easier.

Tips for Driving in New York City
While I don't encourage visitors to drive in New York City, there are some times when driving in New York City cannot be avoided or makes sense for your trip. These tips for driving in New York City will help you save on parking, avoid getting tickets and make driving easier and safer if you're unfamiliar with driving in New York City.

NYC Parking Garages
Driving into Manhattan? This website will help you find a good deal on parking. It lists parking rates around the city, enabling you to find a convenient, affordable place to park your car in Manhattan.

How To Drive Like a New Yorker
In this article, the author offers insight into some of the irregularities of driving in New York City. Very helpful!

New York City Driving Tips
Helpful tips on towing, honking, theft and more for those adventurous souls who decide to drive in Manhattan.

Parking Guide to New York City
Municiple parking resources for New York City. Includes maps, tips and parking rules.

Alternate Side of the Street Schedule
This site includes a calendar highlighting times when alternate side of the street parking rules are suspended.

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