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Getting to New York City

Advice, tricks and more for getting to New York City, regardless of whether you arrive by train, plane, bus or car. Travel to New York City is less of a hassle with these resources.
  1. Driving in NYC (6)

Cheap Flights to New York
Just about anyone traveling to New York City is hoping to find cheap flights to New York, so we've put together this helpful list of places to find cheap flights to New York. Be sure to keep in mind baggage allowances when looking for cheap flights to New York -- if you plan to check baggage, you should add those charges (if applicable) to your...

New York Airports Guide
New York is served by several airports, which makes it easier to find reasonable airfares, but it can make planning your trip more challenging. Find information about arrivals, departures and transfers at the many New York airports with our helpful guide.

Flying To New York City
Getting to New York City can be a bit overwhelming -- should you drive, fly or take a bus or train? While I can't make the decision for you, I can help you make an informed decision about what the best way for you to get to New York City is. All the information you need to fly into NYC from helping you to get the best fare to navigating your way...

Trains to New York City
Trains to New York City can be an efficient, stress-free, and affordable way to visit New York City. Train service to New York City is available through both metro-area commuter lines, as well as from throughout the United States and Canada via Amtrak.

Buses to New York City
If you are visiting New York City from New England or the Mid-Atlantic region, the bus might be your best travel option. We've got detailed information on bus services to NYC, as well as helpful advice for bus travel.

Taking the Airtrain from JFK to Manhattan
If you want an affordable alternative to the expensive cab ride into Manhattan, consider taking the Airtrain and connecting to the NYC subway, as long as you can handle your own luggage.

Online Airfare Booking
From Air Travel Guide Arlene Fleming, a directory of online booking engines.

Getting Here & Away from Lonely Planet
This Lonely Planet article highlights arriving in New York City by train, plane, bus or car.

Getting From New York City to Boston
Want to travel from New York City to Boston? There are many ways to get from New York City to Boston -- consider the pros and cons of each one here.

Port Authority Bus Terminal in New York City
If you're taking the bus to New York City, you may arrive at the Port Authority Bus Terminal. We've assembled directions, advice and more for visitors traveling through Port Authority Bus Terminal.

Getting From New York City to Philadelphia
Whether you want to take the train or bus, fly or drive, we've got the pros and cons of the different ways you can travel between New York City and Philadelphia.

New York Penn Station (aka Pennyslvania Station) in New York City
Are you traveling to New York City by train? You might find yourself looking for Penn Station, aka Pennsylvania Station, since that's where many buses and trains arrive and depart in New York City.

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