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Bus Companies Serving New York City

Traditional buses, as well as shuttles and commuter buses offer many options


Bolt Bus in New York City

Bolt Bus in New York City

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Tips for Bus Travel to New York City


Traditional Bus Services

  • Greyhound
    America's largest inter-city bus service, with the advent of the discount shuttle services, they have sought to compete by lowering the prices between cities served by the shuttles.
    Arrives at New York City's Port Authority Bus Terminal (42nd Street and 8th Avenue)
  • Peter Pan Bus
    Peter Pan offers bus service from mid-Atlantic states and the Northeast to New York City, including Washington, DC; Springfield, MA; Hartford, CT; and Providence, RI. Discounts available on their website, particularly for advance purchases.
    Arrives at Port Authority Bus Terminal (42nd Street and 8th Avenue)

Commuter Bus Services

  • New Jersey Transit Bus Service
    New Jersey Transit offers bus service to New York City from all over New Jersey, including Atlantic City, Newark and northern New Jersey.
    Arrives at Port Authority Bus Terminal (42nd Street/8th Avenue).

Upscale Bus Service

  • LimoLiner
    The LimoLiner connects New York City and Boston, offering power outlets, wireless internet, and a variety of services oriented to the business traveler for $79 each way. Comfort and convenience make this a good alternative to the train between Boston and New York City.
  • Departs from Midtown Manhattan.

Shuttle Bus Services (aka Chinatown Buses)

  • BoltBus
    BoltBus offers service between New York City and Baltimore, Boston, Philadelphia and Washington, D.C. Buses include free Wi-Fi, outlets and fares can be as low as $1. Their ticketing process offers reserved seats, guaranteeing you have a spot on a particular bus, which is not always the case.
    Buses depart from both downtown and midtown locations, but check to make sure you are going to the right bus stop depending on where you are going, since buses leave from different places depending on the destination.
  • Eastern Travel Bus
    Daily service between New York City and Baltimore, MD; Rockville, MD; Richmond, VA; and Washington, DC. $20 one way, $35 round-trip. (NYC to Richmond, VA $35 one way, $60 round-trip)
    Three arrival/departure points in New York City -- 88 East Broadway (in Chinatown), 7th Ave & West 34th Street (near Penn Station/Madison Square Garden) and 7th Ave & West 42nd Street (near Port Authority Bus Terminal).
  • MegaBus
    MegaBus offers extensive bus service throughout the northeast and beyond, including destinations as far away as Toronto, Ontario.
    MegaBus departs both from inside of the Port Authority Bus Terminal, as well as from 34th Street between 11th/12th Avenues, depending on your destination.
  • Washington Deluxe
    Service Sunday through Friday between New York City and Washington, DC.
    Buses depart from several Brooklyn locations, as well as 122 Allen Street (at Delancey) in Chinatown and 303 West 34th Street (at 8th Avenue) near Penn Station/Madison Square Garden.

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