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Trains Serving New York City

National, as well as commuter trains offer service to New York City


Tips for Train Travel to New York City

National Train Services

Amtrak is the United States largest train network -- with a 22,000-mile route system including 500 stations in 46 states. Long distance routes typically offer dining cars and sleeping accommodations. There are also rail passes available for International visitors and other travelers looking to explore the United States and/or Canada. Trains arrive at New York City's Penn Station.

Commuter Train Services

Long Island Rail Road
Daily commuter service from Long Island and Brooklyn into New York City's Penn Station.

Daily commuter service from north of New York City, including upstate New York and Connecticut into Grand Central Terminal

New Jersey Transit
Daily commuter service from throughout New Jersey, including connections to Philadelphia arriving in New York City's Penn Station. Service also connects to Newark Airport.

Tips for Train Travel to New York City

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