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Halloween in New York City

Whether you want to attend the Village Halloween Parade, celebrate Halloween with your kids or at an adults-only affair, we've got lots of ideas for how to enjoy this fun holiday in New York City.

Celebrating Halloween in New York City
Are you going to be spending Halloween in New York City? Or maybe you're visiting in October and looking for some pre-Halloween fun in New York City? Whether you're looking for a haunted hotel, a costume shop or a haunted house, we've got you covered.

Halloween Fun for All Ages
The hardest thing about celebrating Halloween in New York City is deciding just what to do! This list gathers the best ideas for celebrating Halloween in New York City, no matter how old (or young!) you are.

Halloween Fun for Kids and Families
Kids (and their parents) will have a great time at these New York City Halloween events -- from costume parades to haunted farms, New York City has so many fun ways for families to celebrate Halloween.

Halloween Fun for Adults in New York City
From scary stories and haunted houses to all-night-parties and costume cruises, New York City has tons of grown-up fun for Halloween. Put on your best costume and head out for some adults-only fun with these Halloween events in New York City.

New York City Costume Shops
Looking to buy a Halloween Costume in New York City? Check out our list of New York City costume shops. Beware: you'll have more choices and the stores will be more organized the earlier you shop!

Where To See Ghosts in NYC
Want to see ghosts in New York City? Check out this list of haunted places where rumors of ghosts, hauntings and strange noises have been reported.

New York's Village Halloween Parade
Whether you want to join the 50-60,000 costumed participants in the parade or just want to watch from 6th Avenue, we've got the information you need to enjoy this annual Halloween tradition.
> Halloween Parade Pictures

Halloween Extravaganza and Procession of Ghouls
This annual Halloween event features a classic silent horror film accompanied by outstanding organ music at the Cathedral of St. John the Divine followed by The Grand Procession of the Ghouls. The Procession features outstanding costumes, creatures, and special effects. The Halloween Extravaganza is appropriate for all ages. Procession of the...

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