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Ghosts in New York City

People claim to have seen ghosts at these theaters, landmarks and more


Washington Square Park

Washington Square Park

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New Amsterdam Theatre
214 West 42nd Street
The ghost of Olive Thomas, a Ziegfeld Follies chorus girl who killed herself by overdosing on her alcoholic, womanizing husband's syphilis medication, has been spotted on stage and in one of the dressing rooms of the theater. She wears her green beaded Follies dress, her beaded headpiece and her sash and holds a blue glass bottle that is supposed to have contained the pills that killed her. Typically, she only appears after audiences have left, though she's rumored to appear when her contemporaries are in the theater.

Old Merchant's House
29 East 4th Street
Gertrude Tredwell, the daughter of wealthy merchant Seabury Treadwell, is believed to haunt the home built by her father in 1832 (it is now a museum). She never married and died in an upstairs bedroom in the house in 1933, shortly after the birth of an unwanted baby of which her family strongly disapproved. Gertrude's ghost is most often spotted in the kitchen, though she's also been seen in her bedroom, appearing as an elegant, petite woman dressed in mid-19th century style.

Old St. Patrick's Cathedral
263 Mulberry
The cemetery of city's oldest Catholic Church is haunted by Pierre Toussaint, a slave who became a hairdresser in the early 19th century. The ghost of Bishop Dubois, who is buried below the entrance to the cathedral, has been seen frequently in the church.

One If By Land, Two If By Sea Restaurant
17 Barrow Street
The ghost of Aaron Burr, vice president of the United States who is famous for killing Alexander Hamilton in a duel, haunts this restaurant located in what was once his carriage house. Many visitors and restaurant employees have observed flying dishes and chairs being pulled out from under patrons. Burr's daughter, Theodosia Burr Alston, who vanished off the coast of North Carolina en route to visit her father in New York, is also rumored to haunt the carriage house. Female patrons at the bar are rumored to have had their earrings removed by Theodosia.

The Palace Theatre
1564 Broadway
Vaudeville acts dreamed of a chance to "play the Palace" and over 100 ghosts are supposed to haunt the Palace Theatre, including a while gowned cellist playing in the pit, a young girl looking down from the balcony, and Judy Garland, who is sensed near the rear orchestra door built for her. The one ghost you don't want to run into at the Palace is that of the acrobat who died when he broke his neck there -- legend claims that those who see him will soon die.

Radio City Music Hall
1260 6th Avenue
On opening nights, Radio City Music Hall's builder, S.L. "Roxy" Rothafel, accompanied by a glamorous female companion, have been seen.

St. Marks-in-the-Bowery Church
131 E. 10th St.
The ghost of Peter Stuyvesant, the 17th-century Dutch Governor, is rumored to roam around the chapel. Stuyvesant was buried in a vault under the chapel in 1678.

St. Paul's Chapel Burial Ground
Broadway and Fulton Street
The burial ground of this Episcopal Church is haunted by the headless ghost of English actor George Frederick Cooke. Cooke died in September 1811 and was buried headless after donating his head to science to pay for doctor's bills, and his skull was used in numerous productions of Hamlet.

Trinity Church
Broadway and Wall Street
There's a tombstone in the graveyard that many people claim to have heard laughter when they pass.

Washington Square Park
West 4th Street and MacDougal
Used as a hanging ground during the American Revolution, Washington Square Park was also a burial ground and 15,000 bodies remained buried there today.

Ye Waverly Inn
16 Bank St
Employees claim to have seen ghostly figures and blame the ghosts for starting fires.

White Horse Tavern
567 Hudson Street at West 11th Street
Dylan Thomas died in New York City after consuming 18 shots of whiskey at the White Horse Tavern in November 1953. His ghost is believed to appear from time to time and rotate his favorite corner table, as Thomas did when he patronized the bar.

Wollman Rink in Central Park
Apparitions of two young girls skating figure 8s have been reported.

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