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Times Square Neighborhood Guide

Times Square is visited by over 39 million people a year.


Times Square
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Itinerary: One Day on the West Side

Originally called Longacre Square, in 1904 this neighborhood became known as Times Square. It is often debated as to whether it was at the bidding of New York Times owner Alfred Ochs when the New York Times headquarters were built on 42nd Street where Broadway and 7th Avenue meet or whether the owners of the independently owned subways in the neighborhood made the change happen. Nineteen hundred and four was an important one in the history of Times Square, as it was then that the first New Year's Eve celebration was held there. Over 26 million people visit Times Square each year, some to attend the areas many Broadway shows, some to dine, and all experience the glowing lights and energy of this famed area.

Times Square Pictures

Times Square Map

Times Square Subways:

  • A, C, E
    - 42nd St./Port Authority
  • 7
    - 42nd St./Times Square
  • N, R, W
    - 42nd St/Times Square
  • 1, 2, 3
    - 42nd St./Times Square

Times Square Neighborhood Boundaries

  • 40th Street on the South
  • 53rd Street on the North
  • 9th Avenue on the West
  • 6th Avenue on the East

Times Square Architecture

  • The advertising (the first electric billboard was erected in 1917) overwhelms most of the architectural aspects of the area.
  • The facade of the most famous building, 1 Times Square, is covered in billboard advertisements.

Times Square Tours

Times Square Restaurants

Times Square Attractions

  • Madame Tussauds - the famed wax museum, and a favorite for kids
  • TKTS Booth - score discount tickets to Broadway and off-Broadway productions
  • One Times Square - 1475 Broadway at 7th Avenue (42nd/43rd)
  • New York Times Building - 229 West 43rd St. between &th & 8th Avenues

Times Square Shopping

  • Toys 'R Us - the flagship store in Times Square features toys galore and a Ferris wheel
  • MTV Store
  • Sanrio Store

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