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New York City For Beginners

Planning your first trip to New York City? I've put together helpful information on safety, etiquette and what you should (and shouldn't!) do in New York City to help you get oriented in no time.  
  1. Money & Currency in New York City (5)
  2. Getting Around New York City by Subway, Bus, Cab, and More (12)
  3. Essential Information for Foreign Visitors to New York City (9)
  4. New York City Neighborhood Guides (12)
  5. Accessing the Internet at NYC Cybercafes (1)
  6. New York City Travel Blogs (6)
  7. Best of New York City (44)
  8. New York Weather (8)
  9. NYC Colleges & Universities (17)
  10. NYC Games & Trivia (2)
  11. New York City History (15)
  12. New York City Media (50)

Things Not To Do in New York City
Take our advice -- these are some things you don't want to do on your trip to New York City.

Safety in New York City
Curious about staying safe in New York City? Read about crime in New York City, as well as tips and information for staying safe during your vacation.

Using the New York City Subway
Getting around New York City can be a daunting task. Traffic and crowds, combined with confusion and getting lost can make even the most pleasant visit to New York City a nightmare. But it doesn't have to be that way! Review the information below and you'll be well on your way to navigating the New York's subway and buses like a native.

New York City Tipping Etiquette
Nervous about tipping on your New York City vacation? Check out our helpful guidelines for who and how much to tip in New York City

New York City Laws You Should Know
Ensure your New York City visit goes smoothly by knowing these New York City laws. We've gathered a few essential laws about the drinking age, drug use, and smoking laws in New York City to help you avoid unnecessary trouble in New York City.

New York City Alcohol and Drinking Laws You Should Know
Thinking about drinking in New York City? Read up on these New York City alcohol and drinking rules you should know.

Seasons in New York City
Learn about what to expect throughout the year in New York City with our guide to NYC's seasons, including winter, spring, summer, fall and the distinct holiday season.

Clean Bathrooms in New York City
Finding a clean bathroom to use while you're touring New York City isn't always as easy as it should be. This list gathers information on the best clean bathrooms in NYC, from swanky hotel loos to finding a place to relieve yourself at your favorite java joint.

New York City Subway Tips
The New York City Subway is a fast, affordable way to get around New York City. Read these tips for riding the New York City Subway and you'll be traveling around New York City like a native in no time.

Travel from JFK Airport to Manhattan by Public Transport
The Airtrain offers NYC visitors a straight-forward, affordable way to get to and from JFK airport. Read more about our Airtrain experience to decide if it's a good choice for you when you visit NYC.

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