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Around New York City with Kids

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Around New York City with Kids

Around New York City with Kids

The Bottom Line

Families travelling with children, grandparents, babysitters and even local New York families will benefit from the comprehensive, helpful information featured in Around New York City with Kids. The pocket-sized book features over sixty destinations appropriate for children and families.


  • Highlights 68 Kid-Friendly destinations around New York City
  • Coverage includes information about nearby food
  • Guidelines for suitable ages are helpful and accurage
  • Details for visit planning are all clearly spelled out
  • Small size makes it very easy to bring-along


  • No maps


  • This softcover book measures approxmately 5" x 6.5", so it fits easily into a purse or backpack.
  • 3rd Edition
  • $11.00

Guide Review - Around New York City with Kids

Traveling with kids presents a myriad of challenges that the average guidebook will never prepare you for -- but Around New York City with Kids seeks to do just with its comprehensive coverage of 68 kid-friendly attractions in New York City (including destinations in Brooklyn, Queens, and Long Island as well as Manhattan).

Each listing features the essential information for planning your visit: a brief overview of the attraction, age guidelines, hours, address, admission costs, address, phone and website url. The "Eats for Kids" section of each entry highlights dining options at the attraction, as well as kid-friendly restaurants nearby and picnic possibilities when appropriate. Under "Hey, Kids!" the author shares details for accessing kid-oriented activities at the attraction, from workshops to scavenger hunts that will engage and guide children through their visit. "Keep in Mind" will alert you to everything from free admission days(& evenings) to safety tips the ensure your visit goes smoothly.

While there are few undiscovered kid-friendly attractions, the compact, yet comprehensive nature of Around New York City with Kids make it a great guide for anyone who wants to make the most of their visit to New York City with kids in tow.

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