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New York City Helicopter Tours

Take one of these New York City helicopter tours to enjoy a bird's eye view of New York City.
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Helicopter Flight Services: Helicopter Sightseeing Tours
Helicopter Flight Services offers three separate helicopter tours ranging from 12-30 minutes and costing $149-299, plus required security, fuel and facility fees. The two cheaper, shorter helicopter tours (The New Yorker Tour and the Ultimate Tour) fly primarily around the island of Manhattan, while the longer Deluxe Tour flies over Manhattan.

Manhattan Helicopters Sightseeing Tours
Manhattan Helicopters offers three different helicopter tours, ranging from $160-260 (plus heliport fee) and lasting 15-30 minutes.

New York Helicopter Sightseeing Tours
New York Helicopter Tours offers three helicopter tours of New York City, ranging from 12-25 minutes and costing $139-295 per person, plus $20 in additional charges. New York Helicopter tours requires reservations for all tours and require at least 2 passengers.

Liberty Helicopter Tours
Liberty Helicopter Tours offers two different New York City helicopter tours, lasting from 12-20 minutes and costing $150-215, plus in fees. They also have Romantic/VIP tours where you will be taken on a private helicopter tour.

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