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Plan Your Trip to New York City

You've decided to visit New York City -- begin your travel planning right here! From deciding when the best time of year is for your visit to New York City to finding flights and hotels, these resources will make planning your visit easier. Important information about currency and tipping is also included.
  1. New York City Walking Tours
  2. NYC Travel Itineraries
  3. NYC Sightseeing Tours
  4. Getting To New York City (19)
  5. NYC Airlines & Airports (17)
  6. Month by Month New York (11)
  7. NYC Business Travel (9)
  8. New York City from A to Z (3)
  9. NYC Reviews (18)
  10. Weddings in New York (4)
  11. Gay / Lesbian NYC Travel (28)
  12. Outdoor Activities (26)
  13. Tattoos / Piercing (9)
  14. Sports (17)
  15. Volunteering (6)
  16. New York City Travel Guide (5)
  17. Tourist Info Resources (7)
  18. NYC FAQs (6)

New York City Free Travel Planner
Plan your trip to New York City with this free 10 step travel planner. From when to visit to New York City to what to see, this travel planner will lead you through the travel planning process.

New York City Guide: One Day In New York
So, you have just one day in New York City and you want to know how to get the most of New York City in the least amount of time? I've put together a great itinerary for one day in New York City that will give you a chance to get a big bite out of the Big Apple in just one day. (And then you can start planning your return visit!)

New York City Seasons
If you're not sure when you want to visit New York City, check out our helpful guide to the seasons in the city -- including why New York City might actually have five seasons!

Cruising from New York City
Planning to take a cruise from New York City? We've got all the information you need to get to and from the cruise terminal easily, as well as lots of ideas for what to do in NYC before or after your cruise.

New York City for Pizza Lovers
How you want to celebrate New York City's pizza is up to you: try a different place every day, take a pizza tour or even learn to make your own New York style pizza!

New York City Babymoon Vacation Guide
If you're coming to New York City for a special escape before your baby arrives, check out our helpful guide for advice on things to see and do.

Helpful Phone Numbers for Your New York City Trip
Once you arrive in New York City, you might not always have access to the internet, so it's a good idea to pre-program your cell phone with phone numbers you might need during your trip. From tourist information to your hotel, having these phone numbers at your fingertips will make your trip a little easier.

New York City Month by Month Calendars
Wondering when you should visit New York City? These month by month guides to New York City highlight some of the most popular events and feature information about weather, crowds and prices throughout the year in New York City.

Plan Your Trip to New York City in 10 Steps
Plan your trip to New York City in ten easy steps with this New York City travel planner. You can also subscribe to our travel planner email newsletter and in ten short weeks you can have detailed lessons emailed to you to help you prepare for your trip.

New York Weather and Climate
It's best to be prepared for the weather when you visit New York City. See today's forecast, as well as month to month hi's and low's for New York weather.

New York City Blogs
Do you write a blog about New York City? Share your New York City blog here! See submissions

Brooklyn Cruise Terminal Guide
If you're taking a cruise from Brooklyn, look no further for information on getting to the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, as well as nearby hotels, restaurants and attractions

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