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New York Weather and Climate

What's the New York City Weather Going to be Like? Find the Answer Here.


View of the town from Rockefeller Center Terrace
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New York City is a year-round destination. Personally, I feel that the temperatures in mid-September to October and May through mid-June make for the most comfortable visiting weather, but the excitement of the winter months and Christmas in New York make for an amazing visit as well. While the New York City (& the subways in particular) can be quite hot and uncomfortable during the summer months, the great festivals and events make up for it.

See the chart below for average monthly temperatures and rainfall, and consult our New York City Month By Month guides for guidance on what sort of weather to expect in New York City during various months of the year. To check on the latest New York City weather, I recommend checking Weather.com or NY1.

Although you may not think of New York City as an "outdoor" destination, you should expect to spend a good portion of your visit outside -- which means packing and dressing appropriately for the weather. I never appreciated rain boots before I lived in New York City, but now I know how much more pleasant they can make a rainy day of exploration. Likewise, warm shoes/boots can make a huge difference in your comfort and happiness if you're visiting when it's cold out. Layers are always a good idea, because when it's cold out, you're likely to want to remove some layers when you head inside, and when it's hot out, you might find the air-conditioning in stores and museums makes you uncomfortable if you're wearing just a tank top.

New York City Climate

Month Precipitation Maximum Minimum
in cm F C F C
January 3.3 8.3 38 3 25 -4
February 3.2 8.1 40 4 26 -3
March 3.8 9.7 49 9 34 1
April 4.1 10.4 60 16 43 6
May 4.5 10.7 68 21 53 12
June 3.6 9.1 79 26 63 17
July 4.2 10.7 84 29 68 20
August 4.0 10.2 83 28 67 19
September 4.0 10.2 76 24 60 16
October 3.1 7.9 65 18 49 9
November 4.0 10.2 54 12 41 5
December 3.6 9.1 42 6 30 -1

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