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Plan Your Trip to New York City in 10 Steps


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Getting Around New York City
Subway Entrance at Times Square

Subway Entrance at Times Square

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New York City Mass Transit

Riding New York City Subways
The New York City subway offers visitors an affordable, quick and easy way to get around New York City.

Tips for Riding the Subway
These tips for riding the New York City Subway will have you traveling around New York City like a native NYer in no time.

Taking Buses in New York City
Buses may not be as quick and efficient as the Subway, but they offer visitors great views of Manhattan, as well as easy access to areas located away from Subway lines.

MetroCards 101: Paying For Subways and Buses
MetroCards are easy to purchase and use, and this information will have you using your MetroCard like a local in no time.


Taking Taxis in New York City
New York taxis offer the convenience of having a car without the hassle and expense of parking. Learn about New York taxi fares, rules and tips to make your next New York taxi ride a breeze.

Maps of New York City

New York City Neighborhoods
This New York City neighborhood map offers a great overview of Manhattan, as well as links to maps focused on individual Manhattan neighborhoods. There are even printable maps available to bring along with you when you travel to New York City.

Bus, Train and Subway Maps
Find maps from the MTA for New York City subways and buses, as well as maps for commuter railroads serving New York City.

More New York City Maps
Find all the New York City maps you need to make getting around easy. Includes New York City maps for mass transit, driving and walking.

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