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Elias Corner: Restaurant Review

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Elias Corner: Astoria Greek Restaurant

Elias Corner: Astoria Greek Restaurant

Heather Klein

The Bottom Line

Elias Corner, a Greek restaurant located in Astoria Queens, serves deliciously fresh fish in a casual, friendly atmosphere. For fresh Greek style fish at a great price, Elias Corner is a great choice.


  • Delicious, fresh fish
  • Casual, friendly atmosphere
  • Reasonably priced


  • No printed menu
  • Cash only
  • No Dessert


  • Elias Corner is located at 24-02 31st St. in Astoria, Queens
  • Closest subway to Elias Corner: N to Astoria Blvd.
  • Elias Corner Cross Street: 24th Avenue
  • Elias Corner Phone: 718-932-1510
  • Elias Corner Parking: Small lot on 24th Avenue and street parking available
  • Elias Corner Payment: Cash Only

Guide Review - Elias Corner: Restaurant Review

Patrons come to Elias Corner for one thing -- fabulously prepared fresh fish. With no written menu, it can be difficult to gauge how much you're spending, but with one appetizer, a small Greek salad, one fish entree, and a carafe of house wine for every two people, you'll be satisfied and it will cost you about $25 per person, including tax and tip.

It's tough to decide whether to start with the crisp fried calamari or the freshly grilled octopus, because both are perfectly done and sized to share. The octopus is moist and tender and the calamari are served whole with a light, crisp batter. The Greek salad is among the more authentic I've had -- with just a little lettuce, it's primarily made of cucumbers with tomatoes, feta and olives generously piled on top. The waitress will let you know what fish is on offer, and you can also see what's available in the cooler as you walk in. Choose from whatever's fresh that day, including flounder, monk fish, salmon, striped bass or red snapper. Fish are simply prepared, highlighting their freshness, and generally serve two people generously. On the side, enjoy grilled zucchini and eggplant with a vinegary dressing and crispy fried potatoes.

They don't serve dessert, but you can head down to 31st and Broadway to a number of Greek bakeries featuring delicious bakalava and pastries.

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