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2nd Ave Deli: Restaurant Review

About.com Rating 4.5 Star Rating
User Rating 2.5 Star Rating (2 Reviews)


2nd Avenue Deli

2nd Avenue Deli

Dan Cross

The Bottom Line

Although it's no longer located on Second Avenue, the 2nd Ave Deli has re-opened on 33rd Street and they continue their long-standing tradition of serving delicious corned beef, knishes and homemade soups. They are certainly one of New York City's best delis and they're even Kosher.

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  • Family-friendly atmosphere
  • Generous portions
  • Convenient to visitors in Midtown
  • Kosher restaurant


  • You might have to wait at peak times
  • Bill might seem high for just eating sandwiches


  • 2nd Ave Deli Address: 162 East 33rd Street
  • Subways to 2nd Ave Deli: 6 to 33rd Street
  • 2nd Ave Deli Cross Streets: Lexington/3rd Avenue
  • 2nd Ave Deli Accepts: All Major Credit Cards
  • 2nd Ave Deli Hours: 6 a.m. - midnight daily
  • 2nd Ave Deli serves breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • 2nd Ave Deli Phone: 212-689-9000
  • Remember that 2nd Ave Deli is Kosher -- no Swiss cheese on your sandwich, no chocolate egg creams and no milk in your coffee.

Guide Review - 2nd Ave Deli: Restaurant Review

It's nice to realize that some things don't change. While waiting for a table at the new 2nd Ave Deli, our daughter was offered a bit of corned beef and some pickles to keep her satiated until a table was available, and then someone came through with bread spread with 2nd Ave Deli's famous chopped liver to keep the adults happy.

As soon as we were seated at 2nd Ave Deli our waiter brought us a dish of pickles (full & half sours, as well as a pickled tomato) and a bowl of cabbage salad to munch on while we decided what to order.

The menu can be a bit overwhelming, but you can't go wrong with the soup and half-sandwich combo ($14.95). I am always torn between the matzo ball and the mushroom barley soup (soups $6.95), but I try to convince someone who's dining with me to try the other so we can share. If you've got the appetite, you might also want to start your meal with a knish ($4.95) or some chopped liver ($9.95).

2nd Ave Deli is most famous for its corned beef and tongue, but all of its sandwiches are delicious and served plain on rye bread (though you can request your sandwich to be prepared as you like.) Just add a bit of mustard and enjoy.

They offer a variety of desserts on their menu, but I'm always too full to even try them. The waiter arrives with shot glasses of chocolate soda and foil to wrap up any leftovers, so don't worry if you've over ordered.

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 1 out of 5
food ues, Member secondave

This place is so over priced and the service is bad. I ordered eggs, fries and coffee. Received no refills on coffee, no water and the terrible server offered chocolate soda as a closer for a tip. The bill total was $18 plus. Stay away from this establishment. The food is not worth the service or crazy prices.

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