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Best Pizza in New York City


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Lombardi's Pizzeria
Lombardi's - America's first pizzeria
Mitchell Hall/snazzy54/flickr.com Creative Commons License
New York City is famous for many delicious treats, including bagels, deli sandwiches and even dim sum, but don't miss out on a chance to sample some of New York City's famous pizza.

New York City's first pizzerias used coal-fired ovens to cook their thin crust pies, which were introduced to the city by Italian immigrants from Naples. The pizzas were typically prepared with the cheese on the crust and the sauce on top of the cheese. Interestingly enough, many of New York City's most famous pizzerias have a shared history -- the first pizza maker at Lombardi's went on to open his own shop, Totonno's on Coney Island.

Even though there are places to grab a quick slice on nearly every street, I want you to experience the very best pizza New York City has to offer, so I suggest you try one of my picks. First up, Lombardi's.

Established in 1905, Lombardi's claims to be America's first full-fledged pizzeria. Checkered tablecloths and black and white pictures hanging on painted brick walls offer a great backdrop for enjoying top-notch coal oven pizza. While all the pizza is delicious at Lombardi's, the clam pizza is a special treat, with whole clams adding a salty punch to the delicious pie.

Lombardi's Details:

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Lombardi's Pizza in NYC

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