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New York City Restaurant Week Recommendations

NYC Winter Restaurant Week runs February 17-March 7, 2014 (Monday - Friday)


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Essential New York City Restaurant Week Info:
Restaurant Week Overview | Restaurant Week 101 | Restaurant Week Tips

Participating Restaurants

How do you decide where to go for Restaurant Week? For me, the best choices combine good value (i.e. could you have a meal there normally for this price?) with great food and service. Below are some lists I've assembled to help you find a great spot to enjoy Restaurant Week.

Restaurant Week Picks near New York City Sights and Attractions

If you're vacationing in New York City during Restaurant Week, you might want to try out one of these restaurants located near popular New York City museums and landmarks. There is never enough time to do everything you want when you're on vacation, but by planning to eat near an attraction you want to visit, you can maximize your time and enjoyment.

Classic New York City Restaurants

Many restaurants participate each year in Restaurant Week, but here I've put together some destination-worthy restaurants that you might want to consider. These restaurants have all been part of the NYC dining landscape for a number of years and represent some classic, iconic New York City institutions.

Overall Restaurant Week Picks

These restaurant week choices are perennial favorites. Whether it's outstanding service or top notch food, these are great choices for enjoying restaurant week in New York City. Of course, these are also popular choices, so you should definitely book early if you want to try these top choices.

Restaurant Week Lunch Picks

Want some more ideas? Whether you want pan-Asian or classic French cuisine, these Restaurant Week choices all offer stellar lunches during Restaurant Week. There are restaurants featured from all over town, so you can find something that will work well for you.

Restaurant Week Dinner Picks

Want to enjoy a more leisurely Restaurant Week experience? Not all restaurants serve a special Restaurant Week dinner menu, but these are some of the best that do. Restaurant Week dinners are $38 for a three-course prix-fixe, not including beverages, service or tax.

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