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Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Annex NYC


Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex

Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex

Dan Cross

The Rock and Roll Annex in New York City Has Closed

About the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex NYC:

The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame Annex offers visitors the opportunity to immerse themselves in the sounds, sights and history of Rock & Roll. Upon arrival, visitors spend some time in the Hall of Fame while waiting for the next movie showing. Visitors can examine the signatures of every artist inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which are illuminated when a song by that artist plays.

Groups then watch a great 15 minute film highlighting important performance moments in rock history from Bob Dylan, The Beatles, Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley, The Who, Patti Smith and more.

Visitors are then given a headset and wireless audio system that provides a soundtrack for the museum that reflects the exhibits and displays that a visitor is looking at. As you approach an Elvis outfit, his music fills your headset, and when you move on, the soundtrack changes.

Exhibit areas: Visitors can move through the exhibits at their own pace.

  • Roots & Influences: Displays highlighting how today's chart toppers have been influenced by earlier artists.
  • Moments to Movements: Focuses on the musical moments that created and defined powerful movements. Includes exciting and rare rock items, such as a white Vox electric guitar from The Beatles, the necklace Jimi Hendrix wore at Monterey Pop Festival, and the handwritten lyrics to "U.S. Blues" by the Grateful Dead.
  • New York Rocks: The oversize interactive map to highlight key locations around Manhattan that have musical significance, including Studio 54 and The Chelsea Hotel. The gallery also includes the notebook where Billy Joel wrote the lyrics for "The Stranger" album, the ‘Big Suit’ worn onstage by David Byrne in Talking Heads, and a CBGB display, including the front awning and cash register.
  • Cleveland Gallery: The Cleveland Rocks room showcases additional elements of the Museum’s collection and engages fans in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame experience.
  • Special Rotating Exhibit: A special exhibit room, rotating every 6-9 months, will feature one select artist or band with special attention to their time spent in New York, this exhibit will further explore the feature artist’s history and influence on Rock.


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