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Tiffany Flagship Store on Fifth Avenue


Tiffany's - Shopping in New York City


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The Tiffany Store on 57th Street and Fifth Avenue first opened on October 21, 1940 and has been impressing both shoppers and window gazers ever since.

Tiffany & Co. Details::

Address: 727 Fifth Avenue (57th St.)
Subway: N/R/Q to 59th St/5th Ave; E/M to 53rd St/5th Ave; F to 57th St
Phone: 212-755-8000
Hours: Monday-Saturday: 10-7; Sunday: 12-6

Tiffany & Co. Services:

Tiffany's offers personal shopping services, as well as in-store diamond consultations. Call 800-518-5555 for more information or to make an appointment.

Tiffany & Co. Flagship Store Website:

About Tiffany & Co.:

This world famous store sells high-quality jewelry, china and crystal. While many items might cause sticker-shock, there are also a selection of less expensive items (key chains, money clips, etc.) that make great New York City souvenirs. Even if you can't afford to make a purchase, you can make like Holly Golightly from "Breakfast at Tiffany's" and window shop. This is an excellent store for browsing, with so many of the goods in glass displays throughout the store.

Visitors won't want to miss the chance to see 128 karat The Tiffany Diamond, which is normally on display on the flagship store's Main Floor. On the Mezzanine level, visitors to the Patek Philippe Salon will see a collection of important and historic watches on display.

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