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Rockaway Beach & Boardwalk Guide

Looking for a wonderful beach in New York City? Check out Rockaway Beach


It's no surprise that Rockaway Beach attracts over 1 million visitors each year -- the beach is beautiful, with clean, soft stretches of sand, waves and welcomes everyone from families to surfers. The most popular stretch of beach runs from the mid-80s to the mid-100s, where the services are the most concentrated. Head east or west if you want a quieter stretch of sand.

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1. Getting to Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach
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Subway/Bus to Rockaway Beach:  (Travel time from Manhattan is about an hour and 15 minutes)

  • If you want to head to the more popular, section of Rockaway Beach, change from the A train at Broad Channel to the S train there are several stop from 90th to 116th Beach Streets.
  • Alternatively, you can take the J/Z to Woodhaven Blvd and take the Q53 or Q21 to 108st.
  • The A train (Far Rockaway/Mott Avenue Branch) also serves Rockaway Beach, with stops from Beach 67 Street to Beach 36 Street (Beach 44 Street has the shortest walk).

Driving to Rockaway Beach: Access to Rockaway Beach is available at the end of Flatbush Avenue, or by taking the Belt Parkway. Get directions to Rockaway Beach on Google Maps or put 8601 Shore Front Parkway Rockaway Beach, NY into your GPS.

Parking at Rockaway Beach: In addition to street parking near the beach, there is a free parking area located between Beach 94 and Beach 95 Streets from Rockaway Beach Blvd to Shore Front Pkwy. There is another free parking lot from Beach 11th - 15th Streets.

2. Rockaway Beach Basics

Whaleamena at Rockaway Beach
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Located in Queens, Rockaway Beach & Boardwalk offers beach-goers 170 acres of ocean-front sun and sand. The beachfront runs from Beach 9 to Beach 149 with a wide variety of facilities for visitors, including spray showers, restrooms, playgrounds and water fountains.

Swimming is only permitted when life guards are on duty, which is from Memorial Day weekend until Labor Day weekend, daily from 10-6 p.m.

Restrooms are available on the Boardwalk at 116 Beach Street and Beach 59th Street Playground.

Spray Showers are available on the Boardwalk at 116 Beach Street, 102 Beach Street, 96 Beach Street, Beach 59th Street Playground and Beach 17 Playground.

Chairs/Umbrellas: Although no one rents chairs & umbrellas along the beach, many stores at 116 Beach Street (near the subway) sell them relatively inexpensively.

Surfing at Rockaway Beach: Rockaway is New York City's only surfing beach, with two stretches for surfing between 67-69 Streets and between 87-92 Streets.

Whaleamena: Originally from the Children's Zoo in Central Park, Whaleamena is located at the Boardwalk entrance at Beach 95th Street.

3. Eating at Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Taco
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New for 2011, three concession stands at the Rockaway Boardwalk are featuring some top-notch beach fare. Located at Beach 86th, Beach 96th and Beach 106th Streets, you can find great choices from local New York City food operations. Some highlights include:

Off of the boardwalk, Rockaway Taco and DiCosmo's Italian Ices have stands on 95th Beach Street just a block from the Boardwalk -- both are delicious (& you can actually have a fish taco!) and well worth the short walk.

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