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Watch the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade from a New York City Hotel Room

Advice for getting Thanksgiving Day Parade view rooms


With temperatures often in the 40's, as well as the crowds on the Thanksgiving Day Parade route, it's no wonder that many visitors and locals decide they want to get a hotel room with a parade view to experience Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. Hotels realize these rooms are valuable and often have strict rules and policies around their use.

Tips for Booking Parade View Hotel Rooms

  • It is typically best to call the hotel directly -- these rooms are carefully guarded and often available only through the hotel's in-house reservation or sales department
  • Thanksgiving Parade View rooms are sometimes made available as early as one year in advance, though the policies vary from hotel to hotel
  • Many hotels have strict limits on occupancy -- ask about the restrictions when making your reservation and before inviting your extended family to enjoy your room with you
  • Find out if there are a minimum number of nights required to book the parade view room -- some hotels have no such requirement, others have 2 or 3 night minimums
  • Be sure when to ask about cancellation/refund policies, as many hotels require guests to pay in full at the time of reservation with no chance of cancellation
  • Mid-level floors (approximately 7-15) tend to offer the best viewing experience -- in higher rooms the parade balloons may appear miniscule, and in lower rooms you may be craning your neck to catch a glimpse of the balloons
  • Find out if the hotel's entrance will offer a good view of the parade -- you can often get better pictures from the street than through a window, but your room will offer a peaceful respite after fighting the crowds on the street

List of New York City hotels with Thanksgiving Day Parade View Rooms

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