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Talking Street Lower East Side Cell Phone Tour: Review

Birthplace of Dreams, Lower East Side Cell Phone Tour

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Lower East Side Tenement

Lower East Side Tenement

Looking for some insight into the immigrant experience on the Lower East Side? This easy, affordable walking tour from Talking Street narrated by Jerry Stiller is a great way to enhance a self-guided walk around Manhattan's Lower East Side.

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About Talking Street's Lower East Side Tour

Talking Street's Cell Phone Tours are no longer available.

Print out a map of the tour and book your tour online or over your cell phone by calling 212-262-TOUR and you're ready to visit 13 stops on the Lower East Side and learn about the immigrants who came here to pursue their dreams.

At each stop, dial the phone number and enter the number of the stop you're at to hear the appropriate narration, describing either a tenement building, street markets, and even sweat shops. Move along at your own pace, stopping to shop or eat and even wander off if you see something appealing -- the tour won't continue until you are ready. A great choice for families with young children who might not be able to keep up with the pace of a typical walking tour (or be able to behave) and well suited for the "do it yourself" visitor in New York City, the tour is easy to use. After each segment, press 3 for easy to follow walking directions to the next stop on the tour.

Jerry Stiller's narration is intriguing and really brings the immigrant experience to life. Music, interviews and dramatic readings further enhance the quality of the tour. Unlike the typical tour guide, if you missed something or want to hear it again, you can replay up to 10 of the 13 stops a second time.

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Essential Information about Talking Street's Tours

  • Lower East Side Tour Phone Number: 212-262-TOUR (8687)
  • Talking Street's Tour Prices: $5.95 per cell phone, with profits going to a local charity
  • New York Culinary Tours Payment: Credit Cards and direct billing to your cell phone
  • Cell phone time and roaming charges may be an additional cost -- check with your cell phone carrier.
  • The tour uses about 30 minutes of cell phone time if you hang up between stops.
  • Once you listen to the first segment of the tour, you have 7 days to complete all thirteen stops, but it shouldn't take more than a couple of hours.
  • Each participant will need to have their own cell phone in order to avoid waiting for each person to listen through -- or else a cell phone with a speaker phone so you can all listen at the same time.

Helpful Tips for Talking Street's Lower East Side: Birthplace of Dreams Tour

  • The tour lasts about 1-1.5 hours, depending on your speed.
  • If you need a bathroom break, there's one in the library across from The Educational Alliance (stop #10).
  • Near the Irving Berlin (#11) stop you can have a cup of coffee or take a rest inside Full City Coffee (409 Grand St).
  • Don't forget to reward yourself with a bialy (or bagel) from Kossar's when you're done.

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