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New York City PhotoTrek Walking Tour

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New York City PhotoTrek Walking Tour

Brooklyn Bridge Pose from PhotoTrek Tours

The Bottom Line

After you've taken a NYC Phototrek tour, you'll come away able to navigate New York City on your own and with a great collection of photos featuring you and your traveling companions in iconic New York City scenes.

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  • Marc is a friendly, enthuasiastic New Yorker and great photographer
  • Learn to use the New York City subway
  • Covers a lot of ground in 2 (or 4) hours
  • Get great photos of your entire group from your trip -- no one is left out taking the picture!
  • Photos are quickly available online and delivered on CD to you as well.


  • You pay a premium for this personalized tour
  • Tour is fairly general -- don't expect history overload.


  • Locations Covered on 2 Hour Tour

  • NYC PhotoTrek Tours Price:
    2 hours: $250 for 2 people; $100 per person for 3+ people; (4 hours = $50 more per person)
  • Tours can be customized to include favorite locations, but the general tour covers a lot of ground.
  • The New York City PhotoTrek Tour is offered year round. All tours are private and leave from your hotel or Times Square.
  • Reserve your tour 6 weeks out for the best availability, but Marc can often accommodate last-minute requests.
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  • The 2-hour New York City PhotoTrek Tour covers approximately 3 miles of walking.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and dress for the weather. There's quite a bit of walking and the photos are taken outdoors.
  • Plan on getting a MetroCard for the day you'll take the tour, as you'll ride the subway several times.
  • The tour will be canceled in the event of very in-climate weather (think snowstorm or serious rain).
  • Dress for being photographed. Leave unnecessary bags and coats behind, as they will add unnecessary clutter to your pictures.

Guide Review - New York City PhotoTrek Walking Tour

How many times have you returned from a memorable vacation, looked through your photographs, and discovered that there isn't a single picture of your entire party taken together? Most of the vacation photos featuring my husband and I together were taken while holding the camera at arm's length. On the rare occasion when we ask a stranger to take one for us, the picture is never very good.

You can avoid returning from your New York City visit with this problem if you include a walking tour with Marc Samuels of New York City PhotoTrek Tours on your itinerary. After taking Marc's tour, you'll not only have many great pictures of you and your travel companions as souvenirs, but you'll also have seen a great deal of the city and become comfortable using the subway to get around Manhattan.

Marc was born and raised in New York City and currently lives in Manhattan with his family, bringing a lifetime of New York City experience to share with the visitors who take his tour. Marc knows exactly where to have you stand to capture memorable moments with iconic landmarks in the background. His friendly nature makes it easy for even camera shy folks to smile and get comfortable being photographed.

Having been on many New York City tours, I was surprised at how much ground we covered during our two-hour walking/subway tour of Manhattan and even more excited when I returned home to find an email with a link to nearly 100 photos of my husband and I that were taken during the tour.

In addition to putting your photos up on the internet quickly (making it easy to share them with family and friends), Marc will deliver a CD with the images to your hotel within 48 hours of the tour. You can easily make prints of your favorite shots from the high-resolution images provided on the CD.

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