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Patriot Tours Revolutionary Era Walking Tour

Learn about New York City's Revolutionary War Era History

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Liberty Pole

Liberty Pole

Heather Cross

The Bottom Line

If you want to learn about New York City's history, Patriot Tours Revolutionary Era walking tour is a great choice. Karen's enthusiasm and knowledge combine to make this a rewarding and worthwhile way to experience lower Manhattan.

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  • Interesting, engaging tour guide
  • Well researched information
  • Brings New York City's revolutionary history to life
  • Great way to learn about New York City's early years
  • Appropriate for adults and children alike


  • Fairly long walking tour, so be prepared


Heather's Review

Despite the ominous looking weather, our tour guide Karen was upbeat and cheerful -- and it seems her bright mood kept the impending rain at bay. Over the following 3 hours, Karen lead our small group around lower Manhattan, giving us a vivid picture of life in New York during the 1770s and thoroughly explaining New York City's important role in the Revolutionary War.

The tour began at City Hall, where Karen showed us the Liberty Pole and told us of of the battles between the locals to keep it standing and the British soldiers to tear it down. While it's not the original Liberty Pole, we were able to see a pole that was erected to serve as a reminder near the current site of the City Hall.

The tour then headed down Broadway (Broad Way) to St. Paul's Chapel, where a service was held after George Washington's inauguration as president in 1789. Karen led us through the chapel's graveyard pointing out a number of important headstones, and sharing the stories behind those famous people.

While focused on Revolutionary Era New York, the tour included many of Lower Manhattan's main attractions, including the New York Stock Exchange, Battery Park, Trinity Church, Federal Hall, Wall Street and Fraunces Tavern. Each step along the way, Karen's extensive knowledge of New York City's history shined through, with anecdotes, interesting trivia, and a wealth of information about important people, places and events.

Throughout the tour, Karen managed to bring Revolutionary Era New York City to life, making this a great choice for history buffs and families with children who are studying American History. Karen even presented newspaper samples, broadsides and photographs to further enhance our ability to imagine Revolutionary Era New York.

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