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How to Get Good Morning America Tickets


Good Morning America

Good Morning America

Courtesy of Good Morning America

Getting Good Morning America Tickets in Advance:

To request Good Morning America tickets online, go to complete this online form. Tickets are only required if you want to go on the backstage tour after the show.

What to Know About Good Morning America Tickets:

  • Good Morning America airs Monday - Friday from 7 - 9 a.m. from its Times Square studio at the corner of West 44th Street and Broadway.
  • The audience gathers on the corner at 7:30am
  • They take part in any outdoor segments and get a front row seat to Sam Champion’s weather-casts when he is in town
  • Those who sign up on line also get a tour of the studio; those who just show up can join the tour if there is room.
  • All ages are welcome in Good Morning America audiences.
  • Wear comfortable shoes and avoid clothing that endorses a business or product.
  • Bring photo ID for security clearance.
  • You're welcome to bring signs, but they shouldn't have website addresses or product endorsements.

Groups Who Want to See "Good Morning America":

If you're part of a group who would like to attend one of Good Morning America's summer concerts, email gma_audience@abctv.com with the subject "Summer Concert Group" in the subject line.

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