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This Xmas tree is making me thirsty!!!

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By Ninette Markulis Australia

This Xmas tree is making me thirsty!!!

This Xmas tree is making me thirsty!!!

Photo Title

Two Aussies in A New York Xmas

Photo Taken

We had Xmas lunch just the two of us at Intercontinental The Barclay

Photo Description

My friends gave me a ticket to New York for my birthday.

We arrived in New York Dec 24th.

We decided to have a romantic lunch in our hotel.

All the food was fantastic and it was the most memorable Xmas lunch.

My friends said I had to wear the red boots in New York, they walked the streets and enjoyed themselves.

Tips and Tricks

  • You must always have your camera with you and take spontaneous shots.
  • People have to be natural

Heather Cross, About.com New York City Travel, says:

Thanks for sharing your photo! It sounds like you had a great trip to New York City. The holiday season is a wonderful time to visit New York.
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